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Sustainable furnishing

We believe that the conventional way of buying furniture is no longer the ideal solution to get furnished.

Buying furniture is often expensive whilst most available furniture is made of low-quality materials. Additionally, most people tend to favour low-quality products in order to avoid high upfront costs, while neglecting the environmental externalities.

Our mission is to change the way we purchase and consume furniture. We choose to work uniquely with responsible, high-quality furniture suppliers. This is why all our products are sustainable and made to last. Our circular models favour product rotation and prevent furniture waste.

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Our values

Embrace growth

Everyone and everything can grow. Growing is the only way to move forward. Allow yourself to learn, improve and grow. Stimulate team members to surpass themselves and inspire our customers to grow beyond their expectations.

Own the Mission

Transformative things are created by transformative beings. All those working with, for, in and around Enky agree to not blindly follow the mission… but to OWN the mission and be a missionary!

We are go getters!

We are fierce in fulfilling our goals and we get things done! We are curious and adventurous in finding new ways to make it happen! We are not scared to fail because this brings us closer to success.

Act as a leader

Be a leader to yourself and a coach others so they feel guided. Guide our customers in their journey with us so they can reach their full potential. Take action to help team members reach their goals as they will help you reach yours.

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